What is PipPip.email?

PipPip lets you write messages and send them years later, automatically. You don't need to remember to send them. PipPip currently provides two types of message:

  • Scheduled Messages - Prepare a message and set a send date several years in the future
  • Last Letters - Prepare a message to be sent only if you disappear or pass away. Instead of setting a send date, choose how often we should check you're OK, from weekly to 36 months.

Just text and attachments for now but we're working on adding other features.
Messages can be sent to any valid email address. Each message can be sent to a maximum of five recipients.
We'll send you a confirmation message when one of your messages is sent.
We and our service providers test our code and infrastructure to be sure that our high standards are always met. PipPip is built on top of Amazon Web Services, which meets an availability standard of 99.999%. This means we use the same infastructure as well-known businesses including AirBnb, NASA, Spotify, Disney and Netflix. 
PipPip is separate to your usual email app and will send messages to any email address. This means that if you stop using your usual email account, or if it's compromised, your messages on PipPip remain safe and ready to send.
PipPip is a paid service, which makes this a terrible way to send messages that no one cares about
You can review and delete a message any time before it's sent. 

If your account's balance is too low to send a message, we'll send you an email letting you know.

We're working on it! We think it would be great to invite friends and family to create messages that celebrate an occasion. Sign up to our mailing list or get in touch to know more.
Attachments need to be smaller than 10MB in order to guarantee that we can send the message. This is because some Email Service Providers impose a maximum attachment size of 10MB.

Final Messages are designed to be sent if something happens and you can't write messages any more.

When you create a final message, you choose a check-in period between 1 week and 24 months. Once this period is over, we'll send you an email with a link that lets you quickly check-in. Once you've checked-in, the clock is reset. Logging into or using pippip.email also resets the check-in timer.

If you don't check-in when prompted, we'll send you two additional check-in requests. If you don't respond to any of them then we will send your message

Yes. Any message can be deleted or edited before it is sent.

A check-in request is an email we send containing a unqiue link. When you click the link, we know that you are OK. 3 check-in requests are sent before sending a Last Letter.

We're planning to be around for a very long time and we've designed our business with longevity as a primary requirement.

If something crazy unexpected occurs and we can't continue to host and send your messages, then we'll let you know by sending you an email explaining what's going to happen, and we'll let you easily download your messages.