Why grandparents should write to their grandchildren

Nov. 18, 2020

As grandparents, you often think about the material items, such as family heirlooms, to pass on to your children or grandchildren but just as important are the things that aren’t material such as memories, stories, and family history.

Grandparents are a treasure trove of history, experience, and wisdom. You have interesting stories to tell that share a glimpse into a different time period. Finding out that grandpa Jim was a fighter pilot in the Korean War, for example, brings a sense of personal connection to a major world event that happened generations ago. Lessons are taught about things in the past that can be embraced or never repeated.

Grandparents also hold a wealth of knowledge about family history. Too often we lose our sense of family identity because the details haven’t been passed on. Tracing the family tree back several generations is an interesting activity that can help see where your family got their values, traditions, etc.

It’s also valuable to create a message to your grandchild to share with them how much they mean to you, wisdom you want to pass on to them, and what you hope for their future. As grandparents, you hold a different, special place in a grandchild’s life and that is a very meaningful relationship.

Things as seemingly simple as grandma’s famous Christmas cookie recipe or grandpa’s tips to catching the biggest bass every summer, are also memories to be passed along. All of these things are valuable to be passed down to the following generations. PipPip can help you create messages to your grandchildren that can be written now but sent later when they are old enough to understand and value them.

Need help with practical ideas for getting started? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Family recipes
  • Genealogical information (family trees)
  • Memorable stories from your childhood (and theirs!)
  • World history that you experienced
  • Hopes and Dreams for your grandchildren
  • Letters to be read on their wedding day

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