Special Moments

Nov. 4, 2020

It’s important to take note of special occasions in our life. With the wide spread availability of cameras on our phones we have lots of pictures to document these special occasions. What the pictures don’t capture is our emotions, our thoughts, and our memories that are being made when those pictures are taken.

Think about the arrival of a new baby and all the emotions - joy, fear, and wonder - that you experience. You have so many hopes and dreams for them, and the way you feel about them in this moment will only grow as they get older. Just as the pain of childbirth fades over time, it’s also difficult to capture later what you were feeling about your newborn child in those first few days.

Imagine they receive a message from you on their 18th birthday, which you wrote just days after their birth when you were beginning this journey of parenthood. What an amazing gift!

Marriage is another special occasion. Create a message to your partner on your wedding day, to be sent 10 years later on your anniversary. The message could highlight how you are feeling about them, your hopes and dreams for your family’s future, and any memories from the day that you are likely to have forgotten ten years down the road. On your anniversary, you could read the message together and reminisce about that special day.

PipPip allows you to create the message now and have it delivered later, allowing you to remember and enjoy the moments that are oftentimes difficult to remember in detail, years down the road. Birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, graduations, are just a few of the great occasions in life that deserve to be remembered.

See how easy it is to create meaningful messages and have them delivered to your loved ones at the right time.

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