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Creating Memories

Nov. 27, 2020

Holidays are a time for creating memories.

We spend time with family that we don’t always get to see and create family traditions. We want to see the giant turkey sitting in the middle of the table, smell grandma’s famous pumpkin pie as we walk in the door, and watch the little kids running circles around the house. We store these traditions and memories away and pass them on to our kids and grandchildren. It’s what brings families together and makes those times special despite some of the chaos of the day.

But building traditions isn’t enough, we have to make sure they get passed on from generation to generation. PipPip is a wonderful way to not let these traditions be forgotten. It allows you to pass on the secret cranberry sauce recipe to all the cousins or to document who won the family flag football game each year, knowing that Uncle Johnny will have a different tale to tell next year. Maybe the family knows it’s great-grandma’s last Thanksgiving and you want to remember the wise words that she said or the funny stories she told.

Whatever memories and traditions you want to hold on to and make sure gets passed on, PipPip can be help you create a meaningful message.

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