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PipPip has two different types of messages you can create, Scheduled Messages and Last Letters.

Scheduled Messages are for when you know a date that you want to send your message. This is useful for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, self-reflection, personal goals, and other scheduled events.

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Last Letters are useful if you don't know the specific delivery date of the message. Instead of choosing a date, choose how often we should check-in with you that you are OK and if you still want your message sent.

Last Letters are useful if you have a life threatening illness, an aging grandparent, or work in dangerous environments. Read more about Last Letters here.

Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Sign up
  2. Buy some messages - you can get 10 messages for $3. It's simple and you'll be able to get started immediately
  3. Choose what message type to use and start writing! Choose a Scheduled message if you know when you want your message to be delivered or a Last Letter if you only want it sent if you pass away or disappear.

You can edit messages and change send dates, recipients and attachments anytime before the message is sent.

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Nov. 10, 2020

How to write to your grandchildren for when after you're gone

Often we have great intentions for leaving behind our hopes and dreams for those we love and care about after we're gone but when it comes down to actually getting the words out of our head, it becomes much more difficult.

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Maybe you have a lot to communicate or just a few simple but meaningful words but are unsure where to start. We have written down a few tips and ideas to help you get started creating meaningful messages to your loved ones today.

Start by telling them a little about yourself

It’s nice to have a small piece of the family history passed down in these letters. You don’t have to go into great detail but giving your full name (include your maiden name if you have always gone by your married name) , birthday and birthplace. Where did you grow up? How did you meet your partner? How many children did you have ? Any significant life events that are important to you can be included.

Talk about them

Share your fondest memories of your grandchild. Do you remember the first time you found out you were going to be a grandparent? What was it like when they were born? Memories of a holiday, a day out together, weekly traditions, etc. Anything that you find memorable, write it down. Your grandchildren will cherish these memories.

Share your hopes and dreams for them

This is a good time to share what you hope for them in the future. Maybe you want to encourage them to pursue their passions and talents. Maybe you just want to make sure that they always know there is someone in their corner, rooting for them. Whatever your hopes are for your grandchildren, communicate that to them.

Creating a message to be sent later after you’re gone, can seem like an intimidating task. When you use PipPip, you don’t have to write everything at one time. You can take time to think about what you want to say, re-write your message, add memories and delete things. It’s always accessible for you to change, not only the content but also the send date. You can always be assured that it will be sent when you choose. See how easy it is to create meaningful messages to your loved ones. < create a message >

Dec. 4, 2020

Creating Memories

Holidays are a time for creating memories.

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We spend time with family that we don’t always get to see and create family traditions. We want to see the giant turkey sitting in the middle of the table, smell grandma’s famous pumpkin pie as we walk in the door, and watch the little kids running circles around the house. We store these traditions and memories away and pass them on to our kids and grandchildren. It’s what brings families together and makes those times special despite some of the chaos of the day.

But building traditions isn’t enough, we have to make sure they get passed on from generation to generation. PipPip is a wonderful way to not let these traditions be forgotten. It allows you to pass on the secret cranberry sauce recipe to all the cousins or to document who won the family flag football game each year, knowing that Uncle Johnny will have a different tale to tell next year. Maybe the family knows it’s great-grandma’s last Thanksgiving and you want to remember the wise words that she said or the funny stories she told.

Whatever memories and traditions you want to hold on to and make sure gets passed on, PipPip can be help you create a meaningful message.

Get started creating your passing down your traditions HERE

Nov. 27, 2020

Why grandparents should write to their grandchildren

As grandparents, you often think about the material items, such as family heirlooms, to pass on to your children or grandchildren but just as important are the things that aren’t material such as memories, stories, and family history.

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Grandparents are a treasure trove of history, experience, and wisdom. You have interesting stories to tell that share a glimpse into a different time period. Finding out that grandpa Jim was a fighter pilot in the Korean War, for example, brings a sense of personal connection to a major world event that happened generations ago. Lessons are taught about things in the past that can be embraced or never repeated.

Grandparents also hold a wealth of knowledge about family history. Too often we lose our sense of family identity because the details haven’t been passed on. Tracing the family tree back several generations is an interesting activity that can help see where your family got their values, traditions, etc.

It’s also valuable to create a message to your grandchild to share with them how much they mean to you, wisdom you want to pass on to them, and what you hope for their future. As grandparents, you hold a different, special place in a grandchild’s life and that is a very meaningful relationship.

Things as seemingly simple as grandma’s famous Christmas cookie recipe or grandpa’s tips to catching the biggest bass every summer, are also memories to be passed along. All of these things are valuable to be passed down to the following generations. PipPip can help you create messages to your grandchildren that can be written now but sent later when they are old enough to understand and value them.

Need help with practical ideas for getting started? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Family recipes
  • Genealogical information (family trees)
  • Memorable stories from your childhood (and theirs!)
  • World history that you experienced
  • Hopes and Dreams for your grandchildren
  • Letters to be read on their wedding day

Get started creating messages to your grandchildren here

Nov. 18, 2020


A last letter allows you to create messages to loved ones while you are still able to do so. PipPip wants to ensure that the message is not sent prematurely, so we have developed a check-in system

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Once you create your last letter, you can choose a check-in time between 1 week and 3 years for when you would like us to check in with you . We'll check you're OK by sending you an email with a button to click. Clicking it will tell us that you're still alright and to not send your message. If you don't click the button, we'll send two more emails over a period of time to give you the opportunity to check-in and let us know you are still okay. We'll only send your last letter if you don't respond to any of our emails. As with any of the messages, you are always able to login to edit the check-in time, the content, or even delete the message if its no longer necessary.

If you have any questions about the check-in system, please contact us at [email protected]

Nov. 12, 2020

Last Letters

Benjamin Franklin once wrote in a letter to a friend , “. . .but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”.

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Death is a topic that we don’t like to think or talk about much because it brings us face to face with our own mortality. We prepare for it practically by writing wills, purchasing life insurance, and sometimes even arranging our own funeral details. However too many times, we don’t think about the value of preparing for the emotional side of it, not only for ourselves but for our loved ones. Creating a ‘last letter’ to be sent to loved ones after you’re gone, can help them with the grieving process as well as allow you to know that those closest to you understand how you felt about them.

A last letter helps you to express feelings that may have been more difficult to share during your life but that you find important for your loved ones to know. It allows you to tell your children just how proud of them you are for pursuing their passions. You can express to your partner what the last decades of marriage has really meant to you and your hopes for them as they go on without you. You can create a message to a friend to offer forgiveness for a wrong that doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

PipPip makes it easy to create last letters to loved ones while you are still able to do so. You can write your messages to be sent at a date in the future, when you may still not be here. PipPip offers a unique “check-in” system for last letters, to ensure that your message is not sent until you are gone. Read here for more details about how that works.

As difficult as death is on the ones we love, PipPip hopes that it can be made just a little bit easier by providing the opportunity for them to receive a message from you after you’re gone.

Nov. 6, 2020

Special Moments

It’s important to take note of special occasions in our life. With the wide spread availability of cameras on our phones we have lots of pictures to document these special occasions. What the pictures don’t capture is our emotions, our thoughts, and our memories that are being made when those pictures are taken.

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Think about the arrival of a new baby and all the emotions - joy, fear, and wonder - that you experience. You have so many hopes and dreams for them, and the way you feel about them in this moment will only grow as they get older. Just as the pain of childbirth fades over time, it’s also difficult to capture later what you were feeling about your newborn child in those first few days.

Imagine they receive a message from you on their 18th birthday, which you wrote just days after their birth when you were beginning this journey of parenthood. What an amazing gift!

Marriage is another special occasion. Create a message to your partner on your wedding day, to be sent 10 years later on your anniversary. The message could highlight how you are feeling about them, your hopes and dreams for your family’s future, and any memories from the day that you are likely to have forgotten ten years down the road. On your anniversary, you could read the message together and reminisce about that special day.

PipPip allows you to create the message now and have it delivered later, allowing you to remember and enjoy the moments that are oftentimes difficult to remember in detail, years down the road. Birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, graduations, are just a few of the great occasions in life that deserve to be remembered.

Nov. 4, 2020


In this fast-paced world, too often we don’t take the time to stop and reflect on our lives and the direction it is taking, whether personally or professionally. Are we actively participating in and achieving the goals we set for ourselves or just being carried along by the business of life? Self-reflection is a means to observe and analyze yourself, to help you grow as a person.

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Maybe you’re in the middle of a big career change and have a lot of hopes and dreams, as well as fears and uncertainties, for the next few years. Creating messages to send to your future self can be a cathartic way to get all those thoughts down in a space where you can reflect on them in a few months time. It can be motivating to receive a message from yourself in the past, encouraging you to push on with your dreams, even if life has gotten hard. It can also be the motivation you need to get back on track in pursing those goals.

Maybe it’s not something as life changing as moving jobs but more of a reminder to your future self to slow down and enjoy the present. You can create messages to be sent every December 1, to remind yourself to not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays but to slow down and enjoy family.

You can create messages to yourself to keep up the motivation to finish that 5k you’ve been training for, or the sewing project you’ve been meaning to finish.

With PipPip, creating messages doesn’t have to be only for life-changing events, but also for quiet moments of self-reflection, daily encouragement, or even just as a reminder of where you are in this moment.

Nov. 3, 2020

Why PipPip ?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned so far in 2020, it’s that life is unpredictable. With the arrival of Covid, the world’s plans have been brought to a halt, life is still uncertain, and a lot of the things we thought were important, are not. Amidst all the doom and gloom, however, is a silver lining. We are being reminded of what is actually important to us .

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Relationships. Whether we’re strengthening the bonds of our marriage, experiencing new milestones with our children, hearing new stories from our grandparents, or getting to know our neighbors, we’ve begun rediscovering how important relationships are and the treasure of memories they leave with us.

PipPip wants to help you continue to share your thoughts, love, memories, last wishes, etc with those that you love and care about. Our mission is to allow you to communicate your thoughts to those people in your life, sometime in the future, be it 6 months, 3 years, or even longer. Maybe you want to send a message to your newborn daughter on her 16th birthday, sharing not only your hopes and dreams for her, but your thoughts and emotions at her birth? Or you might like to pass on the family stories to your grand kids so that it’s not forgotten when you’re gone? A surprise message to your partner each anniversary. The possibilities for meaningful messages are endless and here at PipPip, we want to help you create messages that are not only meaningful, but that you can trust to be delivered during the time you’ve set.

How it works:

Step 1: Create your account

Step 2: Select which type of message you'd like to create

Step 3: Start writing your messages!

Getting started is easy but you can read here for details about creating different types of messages.

Nov. 1, 2020